Give your Signs a Halo

Halo-lit signs—have you ever seen this type of signage? If so, is this a type of signage you have considered adopting for your own business or commercial needs? You wouldn’t be alone, then—halo-lit signage is quickly becoming a popular option in today’s sign industry.

Halo lit signageA type of illuminated signage, halo-lit signs are also known throughout the industry as reverse-lit channel letters, for they have a much different look than face-lit letters. While face-lit channel letters are lit on the face of the sign itself, illuminating the actual letters, halo-lit signs are constructed much differently. Since the face is usually constructed from aluminum and the lighting is facing backwards towards the wall, the light then floods the wall behind the letter, allowing the illumination to appear behind and around the edges of the lettering. Thus, a “halo” effect is created. The illumination, then, is still inside the letter and can be easily customized with a variety of different colored LEDs. The lighting really works by projecting white or colored LEDs onto the substrate surface where your sign or display panel is mounted.

Why choose LED halo-lit signage? There are a variety of reasons why customers are Halo lit signagecontinuously choosing this option. Not only is the LED halo lighting more cost effective, safer, and much easier to work with than other comparable neon light sources, it also provides customers with a modern look and flexibility that is desired with one’s signage. In order to get the best possible effect from the halo-lit signage, you will need to keep in mind that the surface you use to reflect the light has a direct impact on the halo result you will achieve. It’s important to consult with experienced signage experts to ensure you receive the best lighted channel letters you’re looking for. Take a cue from a good amount of signage customers and try out the halo-lit effect for your next signage.

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Go Digital with your Message Boards

It’s no secret that in the digital age today, advances in technology and electronics are sought after throughout industries. When it comes to the sign industry, this is no different. Digital signage has become the next big thing, physically changing the way signage works. One specific type of sign that has felt the impact of technology? Message boards.Electronic message board

When it comes to on premise electronic message boards, what factors need to be considered when creating the most appropriate marketing message for your company? As signage experts, we typically recommend a multi-message center display over a standard sign in order to garner more attention. These signs can be offered in amber, red, monochrome, or full color displays, and they can be fully programmable via a supplied WiFi laptop with the software uploaded and ready to go!

According to Digital Signage Today, electronic message boards or digital billboards “offer many advantages over their static predecessors. Billboards that used to change every few months can now be changed every few minutes –opening new possibilities like dayparting and new revenue opportunities.” As digital message boards are becoming more and more popular, their adaptability is being used in more ways than one.

Electronic message boardAlthough your business may not use these boards for news updates, it does highlight the flexibility and ease when utilizing these electronic message boards –you can easily change your marketing message, without wasting time and effort, as with older types of billboards. Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment, or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working, and socializing. While these signs can be used for interior or exterior displays, they are outfitted for all types of public venues and provide beautiful imagery befitting the world’s leading brands.

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Obtaining Necessary Permits For Signage Is An Easy Process When You Work With Butler Sign Co.

Need a new sign for your business? Permitting for signage is necessary (and the law) and is best to be completed by signage professionals such as Butler Sign Co. The permit process fluctuates in complexity as it can be extensive and intricate at times. Typically (in best interest of our clients) – it helps to have experience and familiarity with this process. Butler Sign Company helps to remove the guess work from the equation. As every township is different, and, from our experience, we can tell you that most local governments have special zoning requirements and restrictions regarding the types and locations of signs businesses are allowed to install.Sign permits

At Butler Sign Co., we know what it takes to navigate the red tape of the permit process and, if necessary, how to obtain variances. We handle this aspect for our clients on a daily basis, making the sign development process as painless as possible for all involved.

Based in New Jersey, Butler Sign Co. designs, fabricates, installs, and services quality signs and awnings throughout the state and Northeast region. We provide all types of signage, including illuminated signs, electronic message boards, monuments, carved signs, pole signs, pylon structures, awnings, lighting and more.

Over the past three decades, we’ve worked in every county and just about every town in NJ, helping businesses get the signage they need in a quick and concise manner.

Here’s how we work:

Step 1: Complete a Field Survey-

The failure to complete a thorough field survey is typically the reason in which a signage project may fail. A field survey consists of producing detailed measurements and photos of the sign site as well as all existing signage. These necessary steps provide our designers, fabricators and project managers with all of the crucial information needed to move forward with a project.

Step 2: Establish the Zoning Requirements

Once the field survey is complete, our permitting team will contact the municipality to determine site-specific rules and regulations for the desired signage. Every township has different sign codes and regulations, and those rules will determine how large your signage can (or can’t) be. Zoning regulations also specify the type of signs allowed in terms of their construction, illumination and installation methods.

Step 3: Compile the Correct Documentation

Providing complete packages of documentation that accompanies the permit application according to the municipality’s guidelines is a must—and timing is the biggest reason why.

Just as municipalities have different regulations for the type of signs that are allowed, they have different requirements for applications as well. Failure to apply for a required permit –or failure to provide the correct documentation with a permit application—can result in daily fines from the municipality until the proper permit is obtained.

Step 4: Maintain Contact with the Municipality for Permit Status Updates

By law, many municipalities have 20 days to approve or deny a permit. In many cases…it does not take this long. That’s why Butler Sign Co. looks out for the best interest of our clients and follows up with the permitting office to see if your sign plan has been approved.

When you come to Butler Sign Co., rest assured that we will diligently handle your permitting so your signage project can move ahead smoothly, with minimal hassle and time.

When you require professional signage to represent your business, Butler Sign Co. will work quickly with you to manage the entire sign development process — from the day of project inception to the day of installation. Give us a call at 973-633-5757 or visit our website to learn more about how we can make the sign development process so easy – and without headaches – for you!

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Welcome to Butler Signs

Welcome to Butler Sign Company’s new blog! As a company that has been in business for over thirty years, we are excited to share our knowledge, expertise, and products with you. We are the experts in signage and we strive to help bolster all of our clients’ businesses. How so? Let us properly introduce ourselves.

Our wide range of sign experience focuses on one end result, no matter the project: delivering opportunities to the businesses we serve. Specifically, we have the capabilities to design, fabricate, install, and service quality signs and awnings. What types of signs can we provide? Anything from specialty signs, such as electrified or illuminated signs, to electronic message boards, interior letters and logos to monument signs, and pole signs to digital signs. Need a single sign or hundreds? Not a worry—we will meet your exact needs. Not only that, but we also offer five year warranties to ensure that you receive every level of detail.

When we create signs for our clients, the premise is to develop branding opportunities for our clients. The idea is to help them attract the attention of their customers through visual impact and build a top of the mind awareness. Since the right type of signage can help a business stand out in the marketplace, it is necessary to develop the proper signs. That is precisely where we step in—we will design the precise signage you need and see it all the way through the production process.

Want to know even more about Butler Sign? Come visit our website and make sure you check back here for our monthly blog updates!

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